Why now is the time to Abolish Monarchy?

In recent times there were serious debates on whether the world should abolish the Monarchy or not. Some countries such as Greece and Bulgaria already have abolished Monarchies through a referendum.

In this post, I’m going to discuss why many people think that now is the time to abolish the monarchy. So let’s begin. 

What is a Monarchy?

Simply, Monarchy is a political system that undivided sovereignty lies upon a single person. Here, a single person achieves the position through heredity and acts as the head of the state until his or her death.

For example, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Kingdom of Thailand, Japan, Jamaica can be mentioned as the Monarchies in the modern era.

Why Monarchy should abolished?

The cost of the Royal family

In 2021, the Interview of Meghan and Harry with Oprah Winfrey was a huge explosion that made a discussion about the Royal family in the UK, in the society.

In this interview, Meghan and Harry stated the irresponsibility of the Royal family. The royal family is not concerned about the needs and the issues of the ordinary people rather than living by the money of the taxpayers in palaces with magnificent dresses. According to the data, the cost of the Royal family in England in 2019 was £67 Million when comparing it with the previous year (£47.40 Million) which is costly. 

The Royal family always represents the rich people, especially in the UK, the monarchy and the Royal family represent the feudal society of Medieval England.

Many people believe that the royal family grabs the money of the taxpayers and does nothing for the country.

The Powers of the Monarchy

As mentioned earlier 43 countries have monarchies in the world. Monarchies represent Unity and the traditional standards of the nation. Also, the monarchy acted as the head of the state. Monarchies can be identified as one of the major positions in the world. But this can be changed from country to country. The powers of the UK monarchy can be mentioned as follows. 

Powers of UK monarchy

  • Head of the state of the UK and its overseas territories.
  • Appoint the Prime minister.
  • Head of the Judiciary.
  • The Supreme Governor of the Church of England.
  • Head of the Armed forces.
  • Head of the Commonwealth.

According to the powers of the various monarchies, especially in the UK, we can identify its powerfulness. Even though these powers are ceremonial, according to The Guardian, there are more instances that the queen of the UK had influenced to shape the draft legislations to achieve her wishes.

As overall, sometimes the monarchies use their powers to achieve their agendas which means over usage of their powers. This is also one of the reasons that people think abolishing the monarchy is suitable.

Monarchy is Outdated

One of the reasons that people think abolishing monarchy is that it is outdated. Royal families and monarchies always represent the traditions and values of a particular nation. Most of the time, royal families abide by those rules, traditions, and values. But, some of the new generation in the Royal families have questioned this and sometimes get away from those traditions. Princess Diana and Harry and Meghan are among those few people who were in the palaces and that wanted to get out of the box.

With those famous incidents of the Royals, an increase in the living standards of the society, people believe that the monarchy and the royal family are outdated and not suitable for today’s world.  

No democracy

In history, people rebelled against monarchies and established their democracy. People believed that their majority opinion and the choices should be implemented.

But, monarchies do not represent democracy. Here is why.

All we know is that monarchies transfer based on inheritance. No matter the person’s personality, education qualification, suitability, talent, and intelligence. This will make a path for an autocratic ruler or the opposite of that. Most importantly, the monarchy is not elected by a democratic process such as by an election. As a result, monarchy does not represent the people or their choice.

On the other hand, parliament can not question the monarchy or impeach. Monarchies do not pay taxes and can not be prosecuted. As you can see, these powers and legal shields can make a super powerful monarchy.

Also, the British Monarch is the Governor of the Church of England. This can be a challenge and discrimination for the other religions which happened in the colonial era.

Finally, people believe that monarchies do not represent democracy or the people which means they think abolishing monarchy is suitable.   


In conclusion, there is some serious debate about abolishing the monarchy. Even though there are some cons against the monarchy, there are many pros as well. 

For example, monarchies give political stability to a nation. On the other hand, monarchies help to secure trade deals, and the image of the royal family helps in the charity programs. 

So what do you think? Should monarchies abolish or not?

Image credits – Wikimedia commons

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