Role of the World Towards Climate Change

Climate change is one of the major challenges faced by mankind in this decade. The consequences of this issue are already being witnessed by people, such as droughts, Wildfires. Scientists are warning to take immediate actions about climate change otherwise it will be the end of the planet. 

Reducing climate change is not an easy task. It should be globally addressed. In this post, I’m going to discuss the role of the world towards climate change.

What is Climate Change?

We have average weather conditions in the world. The shifts or the changes in the average weather conditions can be identified as climate changes. 

There are many causes for climate change. Using oil, gas, and coal is identified as a top reason for climate change. When fossil fuels burn, they release greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide (Co2). These gases trap the sun’s heat and cause global warming. 

According to the University of California Berkeley, the planet is about 1.2C warmer than the 19th century. The amount of Carbon dioxide has increased by 50%.  

This condition helps to make heat waves, water shortage, ecosystem collapse, and many other unfortunate situations.

As a solution for climate change, scientists suggest that global warming should keep to 1.5c by 2100. If it reaches 4C it will be devastating and the end of the people.

Role of the Countries

As mentioned earlier, fighting against climate change is not a simple effort. It should be more organized and global. The battle against climate change should be on, Individual basis, Country basis, and international basis.

Individual basis

The role of the individuals also highly affects controlling climate change.  In 2020, the worldwide oil consumption reached 88.5 million barrels per day. Using alternatives for oil consumption should be encouraged such as a shift into electric vehicles.  On the other hand, Using solar and wind power should be followed.

Most importantly, the role of personal icons such as celebrities can encourage and inform people easily about global warming. Popular climate activist Greta Thunberg is a good example of this.

Country basis

The role of the countries individually is the most important point. Encourage electric vehicle usage, encourage solar and wind power usage, policies against deforestation, and most importantly, setting a national framework or policies regarding climate changes are necessary to tackle climate changes.

International basis

As mentioned earlier, cooperation between countries is necessary to the battle against climate change. After the 2 world wars, most of the poor countries could not stand alone because they were economically collapsed. As a result, most of the countries depended on rich countries to fulfill their needs.

This dependency is still in use today. Most of the important needs such as oil are in the rich countries and they are more industrialized which means using more oil, gas, and coal for their industries. Without effective cooperation with industrialized and powerful countries, the actions against climate change will be a failure.

All the countries should cooperate to tackle climate change and should readdress the previous agreements. 

Since in history, many International actions have been taken to address climate change such as the Paris Climate agreement in 2015.

Most recently, the COP26 has been notable for tackling climate change.   


COP26 or the Conference of the Parties is also known as the United Nations global warming conference. This year, this conference is held in Glasgow, UK. This summit brings the world together to take action about Climate change and particularly to focus on the goal set out by the Paris climate agreement to limit global warming to 1.5C.


There are many achievements in this summit regarding Climate change. Among them,

reaching a global climate deal is a good step. But the agreement was stuck with the demands of India and China.

Secondly, the PM of India, Narendra Modi has suggested international cooperation towards a global solar power generating system. (One sun, One world, One grid). And India will achieve their target of net-zero by 2070. 

Also 40 countries including Poland, Vietnam committed to stop and invest in the Coal power industry.

China, which is the world’s largest fossil fuel consumer, has stated that their emissions will peak before 2030 and hope to get 25% of their energy from clean sources such as wind and solar. Also, China is targeting to cut 1.8% in their average coal use in power plants by 2025.

Canada and Japan also imposed strict rules in their policies to cut emissions.

More than 100 nations have agreed to halt and reverse deforestation and invest to protect and restore the forests.


There are some failures in COP26. Popular climate activist Greta Thunberg has accused that COP26 is a failure. She stated that this summit uses the same methods in the first place to tackle climate change and beautiful speeches of the leaders are not sufficient. On the other hand, she accused the global north countries of refusing to take any drastic actions to control climate change. 

Also, many developing countries accused that the rich countries are responsible for the impact of climate change because those rich countries started carbon emissions earlier.

Thirdly, India and China, which are the biggest burners of coal have demanded a last-minute change in the pact about fossil fuel, from “phase out” of coal to a “phase down”.  


In conclusion, controlling climate change should be a collective effort of individuals, countries, and the International community.

Especially, global North countries should have clear, well-defined, and drastic actions to tackle climate change.

As for my point of view, the world needs to implement immediate solutions for climate change. These solutions have two ways such as short-term solutions and long-term solutions. As for short-term solutions, countries on an individual basis should promote energy alternatives such as solar and wind power. Especially countries which are situated near the equator can achieve this goal easily.

Nowadays many countries consider electric vehicle usage. This can be identified as a good trend if it can implement quickly.  

On the other hand, all the countries should have a clear well defined national framework regarding the steps taken to climate change.

Image Credits – UN news

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