4 Key Facts About Biden’s Immigrants Policy

Immigration is a process in which individuals become permanent residents  of another country.

Immigration can be identified as a major source of population growth and the evolution of a society. USA can be identified as a good example for this. USA is a settler colonial society that consisted of a small number of native Americans  also known as American Indians and Majority of immigrants eventually became as americans.  

As the 46th and the current President of the USA, Joe Biden added many changes for the immigrant policy of the USA that were practiced under the Trump administration.

Here, I’m going to discuss 4 key important facts in Biden’s Immigrants policy. So let’s dive in.

Biden’s Immigrant Policy

One of the direct actions taken by President Joe Biden after appointed as the President of the USA was to change the Immigrant policies of former President Donald Trump. The most notable actions that Joe Biden has taken, mentioned in the below.

1. Halting constructions of the Mexican border wall

Mexican border wall is an expansion of US Mexican Borders to reduce the illegal immigrant coming from Mexico to the USA. The former president of the USA, Donald Trump, considered more about the construction of Mexican border wall.

However, the Joe Biden administration will return more than $2 billion funded by the Trump administration to construct the wall and will fund it to the military and construction site clean up process.

2. Ending Trump’s Travel Ban

Under the Trump Administration, there were many executive actions taken by President Trump in 2017 regarding Immigration. 

The Executive order 13769 tightened the restrictions to travel USA for the citizens of many Muslim countries including Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yeman. 

Also, the executive order 13780 amended some provisions of the previous order and removed Iraq from the list.

The Presidential Proclamation 9645 added Chad, North Korea and Venezuela to the list while removing Sudan.

But, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to reverse the discriminatory travel bans imposed by former president Donald Trump. 

3. Reaffirm protection of DACA recipients

Under Biden’s administration, the protection for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was reaffirmed. Also, Biden administration urged congress to make laws that provide protection for 700,000 undocumented immigrants benefitted by the policy.  

4. Comprehensive Regional Framework

After being appointed as the President of the USA, Joe Biden issued an executive order that provides a comprehensive regional framework. This comprehensive regional framework will address the root causes of migration and manage it in North and central america. On the other hand, it will provide safety for the asylum seekers at the border.

Also, President Joe Biden tries to promote legal immigration as a solution for economic recovery with the pandemic.


The future of the immigrants are uncertain in this pandemic situation. However, legal immigration can be identified as a better solution for the economic recovery of many countries and to population growth.

Images via Freepik.com, wikipedia.com

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