4 Best Note Taking Apps For Students

In my final year in the University, I had to convert my study routine into an online learning routine. I attended many online lectures, which is a new experience for most Sri Lankan students. At that time, I wanted to manage my study routine into a stress free and more attractive one. 

I went through many motivational and study routine videos. I figured out some note taking apps to keep my notes well organized and attractive.

In this list, I rounded up some cool note taking apps that I tried out to make my notes.

Let me share it with you. 

 1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a digital note taking app introduced by Microsoft. You can use this app for completely free for your academic activities. 

Also, you can download the Microsoft OneNote app from the official website, app store or play store. 

Microsoft OneNote supports Windows10, iOS and Android which can deal with your Mobile phone and your laptop.

This application supercharged my whole academic life by saving my time.

When you use Microsoft OneNote, you don’t need to write your notes on physical books and keep a heavy backpack full of books.

You can sort your notes into sections and pages when you use Microsoft OneNote . Also, you can highlight your content and make it in an attractive way. You can draw any charts or figures in here and can insert videos, audios and other files which are relevant to your lessons.

Most importantly, you can share your notes with others via online.

One of the best qualities in this application is you need not to be afraid because you can access your notes from your mobile phone even if your Laptop is not with you. 

Personally, this application helped me to manage my notes. Especially when I did not have my laptop with me, I could go through my notes with my mobile phone. Also, my brain was embarrassed by this new experience rather than going through physical books.  

  2. MindMeister

If you face difficulties remembering your notes or special years, let MindMeister to deal with that. 

One of the attractive ways to remember your notes is mind mapping. You can use MindMeister to make your own mind maps.

MindMeister is an online mindmapping tool that helps to design your mindmaps. This application was launched by MeisterLabs GmbH.

This online tool helps you to share mind maps with your friends and collaborate with them in real-time. Also you can customize your designs and attach multimedia attachments. On the other hand, you can create a presentation in a little time, using MindMeister. 

Also, you can add your mind maps created by MindMeister into Microsoft OneNote, which you can make your own note more attractive.

This application helped me to remember special points in my notes in an attractive way.

3. Google Keep

When I was struggling with my tons of activities, most of the times I did not remember the deadlines, additional lecture dates, Presentation dates and other important facts.

I was completely nervous with my work and it depressed me.

Thanks to my boyfriend, who supported me to ease my tangled life. He advised me to use Google Keep to type all the important dates.

Google Keep is also a note taking app offered by Google.

I used the Google Keep app not for adding notes, but to remember all the things related to academic life such as assignments, deadlines and others. I immediately add all the important homeworks, deadlines, and assignments in Google Keep before I forget those.

You can add colours for each note page in Google Keep which is very important to find your notes. Also, you can use voice typing to add notes.  

You can use tick boxes when you list your notes and at the end you can tick when you finished your works. 

Personally, this app helped me to manage my academic activities without any entanglement. 

 4. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application offered by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Most of the time, Microsoft Excel is used for calculation, graphing tools and pivot tables. But do you know that you can use Microsoft Excel to manage your study time?

In the final year of my University life, I was struggling to prepare for the exams, submitting assignments, dealing with my Thesis and attending my lectures. 

I wanted to list out the courses and lessons I should cover for my exam.

First of all, I listed out all the courses and all the subtopics. Then I calculate the remaining dates for my exams and divided all the lessons that I should study within each day.

To make this study routine, I used Microsoft Excel. I entered all the details in each day as an attractive time table. After I completed each lesson, I highlighted each cell in the time table in green colour.

Also, I colour coded all the courses and their lessons which helped me to identify each course immediately. For example, I used ash colour to highlight all the lessons in the course “Foreign policy of Major Powers” 

This method released me from the exam stress because I was really happy when I highlighted one by one cells in the timetable. Also, I could cover all my lessons and revisioned  before the exam. 


These are my favorite apps that I’ve used to manage my study routine in a stress free way. You can also use these methods to be free from your exam stress.

Please check out my previous article about 5 easy online tools that you can use in your assignments and research.   

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