4 Basic Steps to be an International Relations Analyst

If you are looking to be an International Relations analyst one of the first things you should do is to improve your knowledge before you start your career.

In this post, I’ll give you 4 suggestions to improve your international relations knowledge to get started as an analyst.

1. Use Feedly

Your degree or your theoretical knowledge about International Relations are not sufficient if you want to be an International Relations analyst.

You should have an updated knowledge about the current situation in world politics. To stay more updated, you should read news websites and other reading materials.

If you are tired of using too many news apps to enhance your knowledge, then Feedly can fix your issues.

Feedly is a news aggregator app for various web browsers. Personally, Feedly is my life changing app that shapes my knowledge about global politics.

Using Feedly is very effective because you can follow many websites under Feedly.

If you want to update your knowledge about daily news and global politics, you can follow, customize and share your news feeds under Feedly with your favourite websites.

You can check my previous article about 5 useful websites for International Relations students, if you want suggestions on what you should follow under Feedly.

Make checking Feedly a daily habit rather than scrolling down in social media.

2. Related Books

As I mentioned earlier, to be an International Relations analyst is not an easy task. You have to shape your knowledge about past events, theoretical knowledge, current situations and the future perspective.

Reading related books about global politics will help you to polish your knowledge.

There are many books and E-books about International Relations, Global politics and foreign policies. Reading those will enhance your knowledge gaps and you can learn what you didn’t learn.
You can also check my previous article on 3 books that International Relations students should read.

3. Maintain a Journal

When I added Feedly and read books to my daily routine, one of the challenges I faced was I could not remember all the things that I read.

I found one effective way to remember all the things. That is maintaining a journal.

I took an old book and wrote whatever I read about International Relations, global politics in point form. I used colour pens and highlighted the main idea of the point.

You can follow your own methods.You can divide your book into subsections such as USA news, Europe news, Asia and Africa etc.

With my personal experience, if you write what you read, your brain will remember it at the right time. This method helped me to enhance my knowledge about International Relations and it helped me to write a perfect answer sheet for my exam rather than depend on tutes and lectures.

4. Listen to Podcasts

This method is more effective if you want to improve your analytical knowledge.

I started practicing this in recent times after my partner encouraged me to listen to Podcasts. And it’s very effective.

Listening to podcasts also improves your knowledge about International Relations as Feedly. You can download Google Podcasts app to your device and follow many Radio shows about International Relations.


These are some of the methods I use to practice and to improve my knowledge about International relations. If you are trying to be an analyst in this particular area, you can try these methods as well to improve your knowledge about International Relations.

Image credit: Freepik.com

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