5 Easy Online Tools That You Can Use In Your Assignments & Research

Are you looking for ways to improve your assignment writing and research process? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I will share with you some easy online tools that can be used in your assignment/ research to make it more reliable and accurate. Let’s begin.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the life-changing apps that I used in my academic life. When you have to deal with more than 20000 words in your assignment/research, there will be many grammar errors in your content. But, don’t be afraid. Grammarly can help fix those mistakes without effort.

Grammarly is one of the popular writing assistance tools that is used by many academics. It helps you to fix your grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in your content.

In addition, you can enjoy more other facilities such as plagiarism, in the premium plan of this tool.

You can also add it as an extension to your Microsoft Word, which is easier to check your errors in the document.  Feel free to add Grammarly to your academic life to avoid tons of emails from your teacher to rewrite your document again and again.

2. Mendeley

Mendeley is one of the most useful online tools that you can use in your assignment/research. It is a reference managing tool that you can use to store, organize, and share your research data.  If you are looking for easy reference managing tool, then Mendeley can fix your issues.

Also, Mendeley automatically generates bibliographies and easily converts papers from other research software. Now you can use Mendeley to access your papers from anywhere in the world.

When you have to prove your opinion in your assignment, you have to use many shreds of evidence such as the academic writings of other authors. To avoid plagiarism, citations and reference lists are used in the academic world.

Also, you need to refer to hundreds of academic works such as articles, journals, research papers to make your assignment/ research more accurate. You need to spend extra time to find all the details of the document such as published date, Author’s name and others.

Now you can fix all your issues related to your reference list with Mendeley.

Most importantly, you can use Mendeley as an extension to your Microsoft Word as well.

3. Google Docs

Even though you may be familiar with the Google Docs app, many people do not use it usually.

Google Docs is an online word processor that can be used to edit your document online. Also, you can collaborate with other users in real-time using Google Docs.

You can also use voice typing to type your document, but do not forget to check your spelling mistakes as well.

You can share your document easily in any format like PDF.

4. Google Drive

Just imagine if your research or the assignment vanished due to a technical issue. How do you feel when you have to retype your already finished document again?

Trust me, Google Drive is the saviour in your hard times. When you have Google Drive You are safe in any situation because you can access your documents in anywhere even your Laptop broken.

Google Drive is a cloud storage tool that you can use to save your all data including all your academic files as well.

You can access all your documents from everywhere even if you don’t have your Laptop with you.

Basically, Google Drive offers 15GB free storage and you can add from 100GB upwards thorough paid plans.

Do not forget to upload all your work done to Google drive to avoid hard times.

5. Hemingway

Hemingway is a writing assistance tool that you can use in your assignments/ research to polish your language skills.

You can use Hemingway to check your adverbs and passive voice and also to check whether your writing is weak or excessive.

You can use this tool for free online.


I’ve been using these tools for many years and I hope you’ll find them useful as well. Most of these tools are free to use. Feel free to test them out and see if they’re helpful to you.

You can also check my previous post about tips for writing a successful assignment.       

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