3 tips for a successful Email: Interview with Roshan Perera

How to write a better Email?

What should be include in a successful Email?

What are the mistakes you do in Email writing?

In this interview, I discussed all this matters with Roshan Perera.

Roshan Perera is a well experienced freelance writer, content strategist, and a blogger from Sri Lanka. Currently, he is working from home as a freelance writer since 7 years. In last year, he published his new book on “Freelance Like a Pro” which is a complete guide book for freelance writers. Also, Roshan Perera is the founder of freelancinghacks which provides tips and hacks for earning more as a freelance writer and to help other freelancers overcome their fears.           

Sending and receiving Emails is the main communication method when dealing with clients. Roshan is well experienced in dealing with clients via Emails. Also when dealing with freelance beginners, he noticed many mistakes of them in Email writing.

When communicate with teachers, or when applying for a job interview, you have to arm with Email writing skills. Sending Emails sometimes little bit difficult for some Undergraduates. Sometimes, one word in an Email will be sufficient to lose your job. So, sending Emails is very important in your academic life as well as in your professional life.

In this interview, Roshan perera shared his personal and important tips when writing an Email. If you are looking for Email writing tips, then let’s begin.

 1. Sending Emails is very important for academic, business and other stuffs. As an active freelancer, why is sending Email is very important? What are the most important points that should focus when you send Emails?

Learning to write an Email is a soft skill that everyone should be good at. Not just for academic and business purposes but it comes in handy when contacting a person for help or even when contacting a company for customer support.

When writing an Email, the first thing you should learn is the structure of the Email. Depending on the purpose of your Email, this structure could change.

When it comes to business Emails, you should always keep in mind that you’re contacting a person who’s busy and someone who has to go through dozens of Emails every day. So you should try to make your Email precise and get straight to the point without unnecessarily long introductions and details.

2. We must be very careful when we send an Email. According to you, what should include in a successful Email. What should be the structure of an Email?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the structure of an Email differs depending on the type of Email you’re writing. However, the basic structure is to start with a greeting. Something not too professional or too casual.

And then mention the purpose of your Email with a sentence or two. Just to give them an idea of why you’re contacting. Followed by the details in a separate paragraph.

Finally, give them a reason to reply back to you.

For example, you could write something like “I’d understand if I’m not qualified for the job. But it would be great if you could send a reply to let me know before 20th”

This gives them the sense that you have plans to look for a job on other places. That you’re not desperate for the job. And gives them a deadline so they feel obligated to reply.

And don’t forget to end your Email with a friendly greeting and your Email signature.

3. What are the mistakes that you have noticed in the Emails that you have received?

The biggest mistake most people make is writing Emails like they’re talking to their friends. It’s highly disrespectful. I never reply to those Emails.

Poor grammar and writing is another mistake that not only makes the Email hard to read but also makes you look uneducated.

Proper formatting is also important. Emails look better when they are formatted into separate paragraphs. Just like how you write an essay or an article.

Thanks, Roshan for sharing your personal tips and advices. if you interested about working from home as a freelance writer with a clear guidance, making around $5000 a month, Make sure to check his blog.

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