Tips For Writing a Successful Assignment

Are you struggling to finish your assignment? Do you get stuck without any idea about your assignment when your lecturer asked you to submit your assignment before the weekend? Then this small but useful tips will guide you for success.

This article consists of 6 tips for writing a successful assignment. Give it a try. It really works.

Don’t panic

Generally, if your lecturer asked you to submit an assignment, you would panic. If you are near to the semester end your stress is more. You have to collect your notes, presentations at the end of your semester. Furthermore, doing an assignment is much more weight to your mind.

When your lecturer asked you to do an assignment, the first thing   you should do is, not panic. First you need hone in on to the guidelines that your lecturer provides.

You have sufficient time to engage with your assignment. The thing you need to do is, set aside two hours for your assignment from your daily schedule. Keep in your mind to not to skip your assignment until the day before deadline.

Your concentration is very important before or during in your assignment process.

Build your structure

Your structure is depend on your assignment topic. You need to realize your assignment topic before you design your structure. In additional you need to highlight the special points in your assignment topic. For an instance, imagine that your assignment topic is “human rights violations during Rwandan genocide” you should focus on the highlighted points in above topic in your assignments.

You need to plan your assignment as follows. This is a simple structure for beginners to design their assignments.

  1. Cover page ( including your topic, name, student number, institution, name of your lecturer, date)
  2. Content
  3. Introduction (summary of your assignment)
  4. Body ( you can customize according to your subject area and preference)
  5. Conclusion
  6. Recommendations
  7. References

Collecting data

This stage is very important and you need to do it thoughtfully. You should make sure to add the most suitable data to your topic. You can use Books, journals, articles, newspapers or any other. But your data source must be trustworthy. Furthermore, you need to collect some updated data.

In my previous articles, I discussed about some useful websites and books related to the international relations. Have a look for more details.

Analyzing data

Generally, if you need some data about Rwandan genocide, you collect all the details so called Rwandan genocide. Consequently, it will misguide you. There may be some inaccurate data that you have collected.

For instance, you need to collect data on the topic of “Human rights violations of transgenders in Sri Lanka”. You collect all the data about human rights violations of LGBTI community including Sri Lanka, India and around the globe. But among those data you should select only the human rights violations of Transgenders in Sri Lanka.

This process can be done by analyzing data.

In here, you need to filter the data you collected according to your topic. You can purify your data on the basis of Accuracy, suitability and reliability. Then you need to continue your assignment with the most suitable, accurate and reliable data.

Writing the assignment

 As you planned, now you can continue your assignment.  You can make the appearance of your assignment up to your topic.

Moreover you need to focus on your guidelines. For instance font size, line space, font type etc.

At the same time, concentrate about your grammar and writing by your own language rather than copy and paste, are more essential.

Conclusion and recommendations

  From my perspective, this section is the most important stage to manifest your knowledge.  In here, you can make an opinion related to your topic.  This section can reveal how familiar you are about the topic and your opinion.

 In here, you can build up your own opinion related to the topic, your suggestions and how practical it is.

Focus on this section, similar to the body of the assignment because conclusion and recommendations show how successful you are.

Personally I practice this method throughout my academic life and truly it worked. I was able to submit my assignments very quickly by practicing this method. I would love to know your opinion if you follow this method.   

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