5 Useful websites for International Relations Students.

Internet is one of the needs in modern society. The things we can do using internet is unlimited.  We can use internet to update our knowledge. Also we can easily access what we want, through the Internet. 

As I discussed in my previous articles, updated knowledge is very essential things for International relations students. If we want to update our mind there should be some trustworthy knowledge sources. If you are a globalised person these top 5 International relations websites will guide you in your journey of seeking knowledge. 


The term “United Nation” is very familiar with you if you interested about International Relations. Generally the official website of United Nations is one of the trustworthy websites that we can use to shape our International relations knowledge. United Nations website is always update about their services, journals, documents, news and their current campaigns. You can download the reports and journals related to their missions. This is one of the websites you should definitely refer.



If you interested about International Humanitarian Law, conflicts and health sectors, then this should be one of your familiar websites. If you subscribe their website you will receive blog posts about their missions. Their newsletters are easy to understand and covers all the incidents related to their subjects. ICRC  always discusses about very interesting topics. Specially you can find about their current missions, events, current debates on International Humanitarian Law, violations of International Humanitarian Law etc. You can add some extra knowledge into your mind more than you know.



The website of Council on Foreign Relations is very interesting. The way of they express their views about issues on the day is very interesting. They always focus on the trending topics in the world. Specially they post very interesting and simple videos on Facebook about Global trends that cover all the points. Analysing is one of their unique features in their articles. You can definitely improve your knowledge if you make “Council on foreign relations” as your habit.



World Politics Review is one of my favourite websites that I used to improve my knowledge about International Relations. This website provides an analytical and academic level opinions about current Global trends. The articles were written by experts of the field. Everyday they published some interesting newsletter and report that you should read. Make World Politics Review as your favourite knowledge source.



This is one of the leading forum that discuss seriously about American foreign policy and global affairs since in the history. Now they have increased their organisation into a multi platform media organisation with a print magazine, website, a mobile app etc. The articles published by Foreign Affairs dealing with the current global issues. Their range is not only limited for Foreign Affairs but also covers economic, technical, security and environmental incidents. Don’t forget to bookmarked the site.


Updating and improving your knowledge is not very easy. You should have an interest about it before you begin. May be you are very busy. But this 5 sites will help you to be an expert in the field and help you to build your own impartial opinions about current issues. 

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