Top 4 online careers for International Relations Graduates

After finishing your Higher studies you should find a job,Right? Keeping a degree certificate with you, is very useless if you cannot find a job. If you fail to find a job you cannot earn money or even you can not start a family. Your life will totally useless. Isn’t this the ordinary opinion of the society? Should every graduate follow this traditional method? 

In Sri Lanka, Most of the graduates like to start their career in Government sectors or Private sectors. There is a common and tough opinion that “a graduate should do a government job” . But landing on a government job for an every graduate in Sri Lanka is very difficult. landing on a job as soon as they finish their BA degree is very difficult task in Sri Lanka.

 Generally, Some people hate doing day jobs, working on a busy schedule. They hate to answer for their Boss everyday and hate to be controlled by their Boss. 

Working remotely is one of the trending topics in all around the world. In USA 63% of freelancers choose a work- from-home career over traditional jobs. 43%of the USA workforce will be freelancers by 2020.

I always wondered about , can graduates engage in online jobs? Specially related to the International Relations. Personally I hate day jobs and pressure to find a government job and to be a busy lady. Yes of course I want to do a job but in a calm environment. So I searched about some online jobs that I can do related to International Relations after my graduation. Thank god I found interesting job opportunities related to the International Relations . Let me share it with you. 

If you are an undergraduate student in International Relations and if you belong to either of the categories given above , then this is for you. 


 The knowledge that you already earned with your degree is not the only qualification to be a journalist. The thirst for knowledge and updated mind are very essential for this task. If you are interested in the world scenario and if you can build up your own opinion about a particular issue then you can start your career as a journalist. This is not an easy task but if you have courage and interest, yes you can. The world keeps changing and new incidents happening every day.  Being a journalist push you to study about current problems and to build up predictions related to it. You can join with some local or foreign news sites as a journalist.

Online tutoring / teaching

If you are interested in teaching International relations for the others using Skype or Zoom online platforms then this is for you. Travelling some places to conduct an individual or group class is very time consuming and money consuming case. Now using online platforms, you can easily build your students base and can work as an online tutor. You can use some freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, fiverr to find a job as an online tutor in International Relation. 

Freelance writer

Being a freelance writer is my dream. It is not an easy task but nowadays working as a freelancer is one of the world trending jobs because of the current situation. Using your knowledge about International Relations, you can work as a freelance writer for a client for your own. If you are interested in freelancing, just follow the link below that guide you to be a successful freelancer.


Many Universities recommend their students to study a foreign language with International Relation degree program. If you are an International Relation undergraduate you should obviously work with foreign countries. So studying a foreign language is very important. There are plenty of online job opportunities for language translators in Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr. You can land your dream job as an online Translator after your graduation if you want. 

These simple tips will guide you to be an uncommon person. you can try one of these if you hate day jobs. 

I hope the future of Sri Lanka will be based on technology. Specially government will encourage people for online and remote working. Maybe this traditional job platform will be change in near future. So we have to ready for the future

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