3 Books that International Relations students should read

Reading books is an essential task if you want to sharpen your knowledge.

There are plenty of books which related to the International Relations that you must read.
In this post I will show you 3 important books that you should read to expand your knowledge about International Relations. Some of them are recommended by the Professors and Lecturers during our courses and some of the others I received online when I search to expand my knowledge.

Keep reading to find out.

International Politics (concepts, theories and issues)
This book was edited by Rumki Basu.

This is one of the books that recommend us to read about International Politics. Honestly this book is quite difficult but very important for International relations Students.

Basically this covers all the basic concepts in International Relations in step by step basis.

If you interest the topics about the nation state system, National interest, diplomacy, colonialism and neocolonialism, disarmament, liberalism, realism and feminism etc, definitely you should read this. Reading this book is an essential think if you are a beginner in international relations.

A General history of Europe ( from the Origins of Civilization to the present time)
Written by James Harvey Robinson and James Henry Breasted with the collaboration of Emma Peters Smith.

Having a knowledge about Historical events is very important if you are studying International Relations .

This book is very interesting and easy to understand for beginners. Personally one of the problems that I had is lack of knowledge about past events. Such as Europe history, revolts, civilization etc. I wanted to develop my knowledge about historical events. I accidentally found this book when I searched and it helped me to refresh my knowledge.

This book will be helpful to you if you interest in Prehistoric man, Egyptian civilization, Western Asia, Greeks, Romans, Middle ages, the protestants revolts and wars of religion etc.

South Asia in the world
( an introduction edited by Susan Snow Wadley)

Studying about South Asian region is very important and interesting. This book shaped my knowledge about South Asian region.

This contains simple and very interesting points about South Asian region specially from the early historical ages.

As a summary, this book discuss about historical background of South Asia and the postcolonial world of South Asia in state-by-state basis.

Just go through this book if you are interesting about South Asian region.

I’m fairly confident that these three books will change your academic life in international relations.

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