3 guiding tips for International Relations Students

Studying International relations is a quite difficult but interesting task.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication,motivation to study International relations as an academic subject.

Some students think twice before they choose International relations as a subject to learn. They believe learning International relations is not an easy task.

Following guiding tips will help you to select International relations as an academic subject with more confidence.

1. Develop a sense about Political science.

Political science which is a social science, always studies about state and power. Some people define it as a subject that focus about power. However political science always covers the theoretical background of the politics.

International relations is a subfield of political science that studies about relations between States.

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Political science is very old as human history. But International relations were born recently.

With world war 1 and 2 the whole world felt bitter experiences. People started to think, why States  fight with each other? What are the circumstances?They realised , they should work cooperatively to overcome challenges and to establish a long lasting peace. As the result of that,the International organisations like United Nations were established. The relations between states were peaceful. That is the point that International relations started to popup.

Simply International relations practically use the theoretical knowledge covered by political science. That’s why you should have a sense about political science before you select International relations as a subject.

2 always stay up to date 

You should have an updated knowledge about national and international system when studying or before choosing international relations. Both international and national systems always update. You should aware about those updates which help you to sharp your knowledge. You can use news alerts, articles, newspapers, online news apps, websites to gather informations. But it should be a trustworthy source. 

3 Have an ability to make a theoretical prediction

This may be seem quite funny. But it’s not an easy task. You can match past and present, then you can predict. But you should remember,this should not be an ordinary prediction. You should have evidences and it should be realistic. You can see beyond the present if you Sharp your knowledge. Just try to read sources, watch online videos related to the International relations. There are plenty of chances to sharpen your knowledge in International relations if you are a globalised person. As an example when you doing a case study about Kashmir conflict, you study about past events and the present. Try to imagine what should be the future about Kashmir conflict? What are the recommendations that you provide? Sometimes your predictions will be wrong. But your skill to predict about a particular situation in International relations is the important thing.

You just want to polish your knowledge about International relations. Then you can gradually reach to this level.

These three guiding tips will help you to select International relations as your favourite academic subject with more confidence.

Make learning International relations as your hobby.

Check out following sites regularly to stay up to date. 




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