US presidential race 2020: what you need to know?

US presidential election, one of the hot topics after Covid 19,is scheduled for November 3rd 2020. This election will be the 59th  presidential election. Now the nominees are fighting for their party nominations in primary elections. In this stage the voters select delegates to a particular political party’s  in nominating conversation. Those selected representatives can fight with the current president Donald Trump in the presidential election. 

Basically,US has two party system known as Democratic party and Republican party. There are some smaller political parties in the US but they are not strong enough to gain the power. 

The current President Donald Trump will be the Republican Nominee in this election. Now the whole world right now watching at the democratic party. Who will be the democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential battle? 

Generally This is the current situation in US. This is the situation right now. 

As the students studying International relations, we should have a specific knowledge about the the election methods in United States. Specially when we go through the presidential election, the process of selecting the president for United state is very complicated. Doesn’t it an interesting topic to research? 

When you search some details about US presidential election, the terms “caucuses and primary elections” are very common. 

As I mentioned earlier the nominees for a particular political party can be select through a contest of primaries and caucuses in every state of US in a presidential election. But.. The question is “what is a caucus and a primary? ” 

A caucus means a meeting that attending people. It’s kind of gathering people. These meetings are held only in a few selected locations. In here, the Party members expressed their preference about the candidates by gathering into churches, libraries, Schools. In this year democrats hols 4 caucuses in USA. 

Primary means an election with secret ballot, election officials etc. In here, the voters select the person which  can represent their views. 

According to the latest data, Joe Biden is in the front at this moment. But the future is uncertain. Who will be the next President in USA? Can Donald Trump Re elected as the President? Of course he is the incumbent president. Currently US experiencing low inflation, positive economic growth, low interest rates etc. Is it sufficient for the victory of the Donald Trump? On the other hand China, Iran, North Korea can gain benefits if Trump will not re-elect. 

Joe biden have suggest to rebuild the middle class, investing in Federal infrastructure and tuition free public universities. Also according to the Biden, Clean Energy Revolution can make the US economy 100% Clean Energy based with net zero emissions by 2050. Do you think that his views are sufficient to be the next world leader? 

 So what will be the next? You may have some opinions about this. Just comment below. 

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