US, Taliban peace talks

Most recently United States and Taliban signed a deal to end 18 years of war in Afghanistan. With this action it may seem the future of the Afghanistan is ununcertain. United States and NATO allies agreed to withdraw their troops within the next 14 months if the militants uphold the deal. 

With the attack on 11th of September 2001 to the United States, nearly 3000 people killed. Osama Bin Laden, the head of Islamist terror group al-Qaeda, was responsible for the attack. Taliban was protect Osama Bin Laden, but with the air strike launched by US and with the support of the other countries for the war, the Taliban were quickly removed from power. But they didn’t just disappear – their influence grew back and they dug in.

However many people hope for a better future and a new era in Afghanistan. Anyway the fruits of the deal depend on the Taliban ‘s commitment to prevent terrorism. 

On the other hand, there is also a question about whether Taliban fighters loyal to various warloads will be willing to disarm. 

It is not clear about the future of the women’s rights in Afghanistan. Because Taliban repressed women under a strict brand of sharia law. 

If you want to know about  US afghanistan war and so far details, just go through this articles.

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