One of the current burning issue of the world is the Hong Kong protests. This article describe briefly about the causes of this issue, strategies, consequences of the issues and the opinion of the international community.

Hong Kong protests in 2019 are an ongoing mass demonstrations against the Hong Kong government proposed anti-extradition bill. This bill allows extradition to mainland China.

The historical background of the Hong Kong is very significant in this case.

Actually, Hong Kong belongs to china, but it significantly different from other Chinese cities. Hong Kong has their own currency, cultural identity and political system.
Hong Kong was under the British rule more than 150 years and again UK handed over the Hong Kong to the china in 1997. Hong Kong is under the china on the basis of ‘one country, two systems’. By the other hand this policy highlights the uniqueness of the Hong Kong. Through this policy Hong Kong follows a de facto constitution known as the Hong Kong basic law. Through this constitution, it allows the people of Hong Kong to posses the right to protest, right to free press and freedom of speech that unavailable at least to the Chinese people.

Most recently the Chinese influence highly feels to the Hong Kong also.One of the significant example for that is related to their basic law. One of the basic tenets in the Hong Kong basic law is right to develop its own democracy and Chinese government did not interfere about that. But repeatedly Beijing reinterpreted the basic law and now Chinese central government says they have complete jurisdiction over Hong Kong.
Even through the basic law of Hong Kong states that it safeguard the rights and the freedoms of the residents for 50 year after the handover, China encroaching on those also.

Hong Kong wants to be free from Chinese influence while protecting their special status and the democracy.

Hong Kong protesters began their protests against the extradition bill and the faced for various police brutalities. Now this protests have expanded into demanding democracy and police accountability.

The specific feature of this protests is leaderless. School students also participate in this protest. In general there are main 5 demands of the protestors.

Withdraw the bill
Step down the leader Carrie Lam
Inquiries for police brutality
Releasing the arrested protestors
Wide Democratic freedom

When we go through the strategies of the Hong Kong protestors, targeting to the Hong Kong airport is very important. Protestors envisioned the airport as a key target to take their message directly to the international airport because Hong Kong airport is one of the busiest airport in the world. Due to the unrest in the airport, the court issued an injunction which restricts people from accessing the airport.

By the other hand Hong Kong people practice all kinds of protests like,

Massive peaceful marches
Strikes from professional industries
Clashes and vandalism

Also most of the protestors wear eye patches and surgical masks because a female protester injured in the eye during the clashes with police.

These clashes and the protests are directly influence for the image, economy and the security of the Hong Kong. The Hong Kong international and local businesses are also in an unrest. Due to the unrest in the airport most of the flights were cancelled. It was directly affected for the Hong Kong economy because airport contributes 5% to the Hong Kong GDP. By the other hand these unrest affects for the tourism industry in the Hong Kong.

Both Beijing and Hong Kong officials criticize the Hong Kong’s radical demonstrator’s actions. Especially china criticized Hong Kong protests at the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva.

The international community, specially the USA still did not intervene for this matter, but may be it will support for the Hong Kong because the USA china rivalry. Also Donald Trump said that,” China is moving troops to the Hong Kong border. And every one should be calm and safe “.

Also UK concerns about the extending full citizenship rights for the Hong Kong Chinese people.

Anyway, the future of the Hong Kong is very uncertain and it is another Kashmir issue.

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