Venezuelan political crisis

Venezuelan political crisis is one of the most talk about topics in the news these days. The presidential competition between the partially recognized president Nicolas Maduro and the opposition leader Juan Guaido is the reason for this matter. In this article, we take a closer look at political situation in Venezuela.

Venezuela is a country rich in natural resources such as gold, iron ore, diamonds, bauxite, natural gases and petroleum. Needless to say, Venezuela should be considered a fully developed country for its economical capabilities. But unfortunately, since 2014 Venezuelans have left the country due to the terrible economy and constant crisis situations of Venezuela.

The chief executive of the Venezuela is the president and appointed by popular vote for a six years of term with two consecutive term limits. The current president, Nicolas Maduro was elected as the president in 2013 after the death of Hugo Chavez.

Since 1999 Venezuela had socialist governments. The socialist governments mainly aimed for the poor people and made socialist policies to empower them. But Venezuelan capitalists did not take this as a simple case. Day by day Venezuelans faced to hyperinflation. Many Venezuelans blamed Maduro’s socialist government because of the instability of the country due to the freefall economy.

In May 2018, Maduro re-elected for his second six-year term even though the opposition parties boycotted. And he announced that he will be serve his remaining first term and be sworn for the second term on 10 of January. This situation gave a fresh boot for gain the power to the opposition party and they argued that the election was not fair, Nicolas Maduro cannot be recognizing as the president.

According to the constitution of Venezuela, the head of the national assembly can act as the acting president. This was a bless to Juan Guaido and he declared himself as the acting president on 23 of January. And he organized mass protests against Maduro.

In this situation, security forces have been loyal to Maduro. But Guaido called on the military to help him and if they do it Guaido promised all security forces personnel an amnesty.

When consider about the international community, more than 50 countries support for Juan Guaido including USA. But China and Russia support for Maduro.

Even though Guaido had international support, he does not have much power in practical. We know that Juan Guaido is the head of the national assembly. But with the creation of the national constituent assembly in 2017, the national assembly turned in to powerless because the national constituent assembly consists of government loyalists.

Any way Venezuela nowadays in a worse situation. It is impossible to avoid the economic decline caused by this uncertain situation. As I mentioned in the above passages, Venezuela is rich in natural resources. So other countries look at Venezuela with a greedy eye.

All we know is that the international community is a key factor in politics. Even though Guaido have not much power in practical, more than 50 countries support him including USA. Most recently, Juan Guaido asks US military support. By the other hand even though Maduro had the support of the global giants such as Russia and China, Venezuelans do not accept the Maduro as their president.

However, the people of that country are constantly fatigued due to the instability in that country. Venezuela should respect for their constitution as well as desire of their people. Otherwise Venezuela will be an imperialist puppet.

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