If I say, a second cold war will emerge again, do you agree with me? Definitely, there are plenty of signs that call for another cold war between China and USA. Anyway, from this article we discuss about the USA and China rivalry.

First of all, we should know, why these two giants hate each other. Without an argument we should agree that USA is the super-giant. But since recent years we can see that China emerging as a super power within its region as well as in the global. Good examples for this, are one belt one road initiative, made in china 2025, Huawei and Alibaba companies. As I mentioned in my last article, China tries to attract the global community via this project OBOR by supporting financially. So most of the countries are willing to be a Chinese ally. Any way as the undefeatable super power of the world, USA looks China by a suspicious eye because USA thinks china will be a threat for its position. And USA deeply concerns about the rapid development of China and its influence around the world. Anyway, the rest of the world is in a dilemma because they should choose a one between China and USA.

When recall the past events, we can see that this competition is based on the trade and technology. The current president of USA Donald Trump complained about the Chinese trading practices before he took the office. In 2018 USA imposed tariffs on Chinese products to make USA products cheaper than imported Chinese products and China kindly responded it by setting tariffs on USA goods. Anyway, Trump’s tariffs harmed for the rest of the world also because USA started to charge levies on the imports of steel and aluminum from EU, Mexico and Canada. These countries also retaliated. IMF also said that this rivalry will push the world in to a dark period of economy.

By the other hand, USA and China fight each other to be the leading technological leader of the world. When we go through the technological battle between two countries, the China’s tech power “Huawei” is very special.

In here USA and the other countries had a security concern about Huawei products. After the result of that US has restricted federal agencies to use Huawei products an Australia and New Zealand also blocked the use of Huawei 5G mobile network gear.

Anyway, the Huawei said that they are free from Chinese government and no spying activities. This conflict reached in to a high level with the arrest of the Huawei founder’s daughter and the Huawei lawsuit against USA. Most recently US added huawei in to blacklist and google suspended their business with huawei.

However, USA always keep eye on china because actually China is a silent power. America always do what they want by any means of necessary. But China knows how to use soft power and attract the international community. By the other hand China is the most populous country in the world. The ideologies of the USA and China are totally different from each other.

Anyway, the US China rivalry will turn in to a geopolitical conflict in the future.

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