If we assume nuclear power as an actor that maintain the international politics, I think that is not incorrect. When we go through the world updates, how many countries are there that concern about the nuclear power? By the other hand, the international community give more space to talk about nuclear power. In the world there are many nuclear armed countries such as USA, Russia, North Korea, India, Pakistan etc. Among them North Korea is very special because it is one of the most powerful country by nuclear.

The democratic people’s republic of Korea is an East Asian country and the north part of the Korean peninsula.

The supreme leader of the North Korea is Kim Jong-un. North Korea can be considered as a powerful country because of its nuclear power.

Kim Jong – un

North Korea interested about nuclear technology since 1950s. At that time Kim II – Sung was the president of North Korea. During the cold war period, North Korea did not want to be a prey of USA and wanted to confirm their self-protection. As the result of that North Korea considered more about nuclear power. Also, Soviet Union assisted North Korea by giving technological support. In 1955 North Korea planned to establish an atomic and nuclear physics research institute. Also, in 1959, North Korea and Soviet Union signed an agreement about the use of nuclear power.

In 1963 Soviet Union granted a research reactor to the North Korea. During the 1970s North Korea began to build their owned indigenous research reactor.

In 1980s North Korea focused about the light water reactors.

In 1994 North Korea signed the US North Korea agreed framework with USA. Through that North Korea agreed to end their graphite moderated nuclear reactor program.

In 2006 North Korea tested their first nuclear weapon and that led to impose sanctions by the security council. As the result of six party talks in 2007 North Korea signed an agreement to end their all nuclear programs. But the discussions about North Korea was break down during the six party talks in 2008 because North Korea refused to enter the international inspectors to the suspected nuclear sites

In 2009 North Korea tested their second nuclear test and UN security council again imposed sanctions over North Korea.

In 2011 UN officials tried to reboot the six party nuclear arms talks with North Korea which broke down in 2008

In 2014 North Korea tested their third nuclear test carried out under the current president Kim Jong – un.

In 2016 North Korea said that they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb test. At the same year North Korea claimed that they detonated a nuclear warhead.

In 2017 North Korea said that they successfully conducted a test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. UN security council again adopted new sanctions unanimously against this test. Again, North Korea carried out their sixth nuclear weapon test.

In 2018 had talks between Kim Jong- un and Donald trump in Singapore.

As the details mentioned in the above, North Korea initiated their nuclear technology with the assistance of the Soviet Union. With the time, North Korea developed their nuclear capabilities by their own methods. Throughout the history, we can see the North Korea used their nuclear capabilities to make a fear about them in the world specially USA. North Korea always says that they have the nuclear capabilities to reach USA or its allies or anywhere in the world.

However, there is a new topic in the international politics known as nuclear diplomacy with the North Korea’s actions. Always North Korea attracts the global concern with its every nuclear test.

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