The things you should know about the One belt one road initiative (OBOR)

One belt one road initiative is a most debatable topic in the international community. Generally, one belt one road initiative is a global strategy introduced by the president of Republic of China Xi Jinping. In other hand it is a kind of global platform to connect china with the world. This program was began in 2013 and the main goal of this program is refreshing the old silk routes that connected Asia and Europe.

When we go through the ancient silk road, it was an trade route that connected the trade, social and cultural links between east and west. It was established during the Han dynasty of china.

Old silk road

Anyway, one belt one road initiative is consists of two faces.

  • Belt – silk route economic belt goes through the land that interconnect Central Asia, eastern and western Europe with China
  • Road- sea based 21st century maritime silk road which connect South Asia, Africa and Central Asia with China.

There are 6 main economic corridors related to the one belt one road initiative.

  • China – Mongolia- Russia corridor
  • New Eurasia land bridge economic corridor
  • China – Central Asia-West Asia corridor
  • China – Pakistan corridor
  • Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar corridor
  • China-Indochina peninsula corridor

Maritime silk road connect costal china to the Mediterranean through Singapore, Malaysia, the Indian ocean,the arabian sea and the strait of Hormuz.

This project is related for approximately 65 countries. Through this project China plans to invest money for develop the infrastructure facilities of the related countries by providing loans.

In other hand one belt one road initiative give the space for china to rise as a global and regional influence.

Also china expect to promote their economic, cultural and specially “Yuan” among the other counries.

But the related countries have many benefits by involving to this project specially they can develop their infrastructural facilities. Most of the developing countries think the Chinese influence as a bless for their development. Through the financial support from china, many countries increase their GDP growth, trade and investment. One of the good examples for this is Sri Lanka. We know Sri lanka is a strategically important country because of its location. During the Mahinda Rajapaksa era, China financially supported for Sri lanka to develop the infrastructure facilities. Nelum pokuna theater, Maththala international airport, Hambanthota harbor are very important investments of China.But most of the people accused that Sri Lanka will be a colony of china. Specially during the 2015 presidential election, one of the main arguments of the Maithripala Sirisena, was this.

As I mentioned in the above passage there are many benfits by involving to the OBOR project.
But at the same time there are many disadvantages in here. Sometimes countries afraid to involve with this project because of the risk of being a Chinese colony. Specially the middle east countries unstable to involve to this project.

By the other hand, the financial support of china may be a huge weight for a country that almost oppressed from debt.

Anyway, one belt one road initiative is a good program. According to my opinion if every country can gain the success of this programme regarding the level of their involvement, this project will be a great success of the human history.

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