The Republic of Sudan is a northeast African country bounded by Egypt to the north, Eritrea to the east, South Sudan to the south and Chad to the west. Until 2011 Sudan was a united country as well as the largest country in the Africa, but with the civil war in past decades helped to partition the Sudan as Sudan and South Sudan.

The government type of the Sudan is Presidential republic but most of the time we can see that Sudan is under the military power.

Sudan’s President was Omar al-Bashir who took the power by a military coup in 1989.he was also a military leader.

President Omar al-Bashid

His ruling period was 30 years and he was accused of war crimes during Darfur war in 2003 which was the first genocide in 21st century. Also, in 1990 Sudan protected the Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Sudan economically collapsed after the partition of Sudan in to South Sudan,
most of the people protested against the 30 years ruling was rapidly increased with the announcement of Bashir to increase the prices of bread and fuel.

In the last 11th of April 2019, Sudan president Omar al-Bashir was removed from power by a military coup. The defense minister of Sudan Awad Ibn Ouf also a military leader addressed the nation and announced that there will be an election after the two years of transitional period as well as the emergency regulations will extend for three months. But the protesters say it does not need a military intervention during the transitional period should control by a civilian council.

Awad Ibn ouf

Anyway, the world will be paying close attention to Sudan. Will it end up being another Egypt?

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