The Egyptian crisis

The Arab Republican of Egypt located in the northeastern corner of Africa and has a great history.

When we go through the political structure of Egypt,the Egypt governed by a semi presidential government. The President of Egypt is appointed to a maximum two- four year terms. The Egypt was ruled by royals until 1952. From 1952 the position of president was create. Since 1952 parliament choose a candidate and people vote to the candidate through a referendum. This method was changed since 2005. The first presidential election was held in 2005.

The recent history of Egypt was full with revolutions and protests. Among them the year of 2011 was very important. In that period the president of Egypt was Hosni Mubarak and his ruling period was nearly 30 years.

President Hosni Mubarak

People protested against the rule of Mubarak by gathering to the central Cairo. The Tunisian experience also gave pressure to the Egyptians to rise against Hosni Mubarak. With the huge pressure given by protestors the president Hosni Mubarak steps down.The military took power and suspended the constitution while disbanding the parliament.

Within 10 months, Egypt had a parliamentary election and a presidential election. In the parliamentary election Muslim brotherhood could win and Muslim brotherhood ‘s candidate Mohammed Morsi could win the presidential election while defeating Ahmed Shafiq the Mubarak ‘s last Prime minister.

President Mohemmad Morsi

Morsi ‘s defense minister and military chief was Lt.Gen.Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi the current president in Egypt.

Egypt rejected the fund from International Monetary Fund.Due to the electricity and fuel shortages,people started a campaign called Tamarod to collect the signatures for removal of Morsi. Most of the people demanded his resignation. But he didn’t accept it.

In 2013 Al-Sisi announced the removal of Mursi and appointed Adly Mansour as the interim president.

During this period number of people were killed and the Egypt could be seen as a hell.

The court of Egypt orded to ban the Muslim brotherhood and confiscate their assests. At the same time US suspended to supply tanks,helicopters and jets to the Egypt due to this terrible situation.

The government designated Muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

In 2014 Al-sisi won by the presidential election.

President Abdel- Fattah-al-Sisi

After that Both Mubarak and Morsi sentenced In prison.Also throughout the period the activities of terrorists become increased.

In the presidential election in 2018, Al-sisi elected as president again. Unfortunately he could led Egypt to the dictatorship. He presided for imprisonment of thousands of people,torture and murders.In recently the Egyptian parliament approved to extend the rule of Al-sisi until 2034. Nowadays The democracy of Egypt almost buried.

However the president of U.S. Donold Trump known Al-Sisi as “a fantastic guy” . The two countries affirmed to enhance the partnership between them. Anyway th attitude about Egypt in international community is not good with the current situation.

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