The Rise Of a Young Socialist: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)

Alexandria Ocasio- Cotez nowadays very famous among Americans as well as in the international community as an uprising political character. She is the democratic representative of NY-14 in the US house. In this article let’s take a glimpse into the life of AOC.

Alexandria Ocasio was born into the working class. She was born in Bronox. Her father was a small business owner and her mother cleaned homes.

Since her childhood she criticized the income inequality. She attended Yorktown high school and graduated in 2007. She went to the Boston University and she owned degrees in economics and international relations. Actually, she was a bright student.

She became second in the microbiology category of the Intel international science and engineering fair. The MIT Lincoln laboratory named a small asteroid by her name 23238 college she worked for democratic sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts on immigration issues.

After her education she began to work for her class. Alexandria also tried her best to improve the skills in childhood literacy in young children and writing for middle schoolers in Bronox.

In 2008 her father died by a lung cancer when he was in 48. Young Alexandria did not fear to get the weight of the family to her shoulders. She found two jobs and 18 hours shifts in a restaurant to feed her family. The bitter experiences of her life helped to modify her political thinking.

Later she launched a brook avenue press to publishing books. Alexandria Ocasio most of the time worked for education and worked as lead educational strategist. After the general election of 2016 she discuss with the people about their issues in North Dakota while her visiting.

She wanted to do better for NY-14 by expanding Medicare for all, tution free schools etc. People wanted a representative from them to win. Then she started her campaign to build a better future.

Her campaign focused on advocating Medicare for everyone, universal jobs guarantee and immigration and criminal justice reforms. Her election campaign budget was very law. Her campaign video was also wrote by her and shot it in her bodega.

In 2018 Ocasio received 57.13% of the vote while defeating Joseph Crowley. This political change brought the attention of the whole world to the young Ocasio. She is the youngest women that elected to congress.

She attracted the population because she is a socialist and she well knows the heartbeat of the people. Alexandria Ocasio has a good twitter account to call the community.

Anyway, she will be an angel for the poor’s and will change the lives of the working-class people

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