Sri Lanka’s Organic Farming: Success or a Failure

Sri Lanka’s sudden decision to shift from chemical-based agriculture to organic agriculture ended up as a disaster. In 2021, Sri Lanka banned the import of chemical fertilizers for the country, with the target to introduce organic-only agriculture. The movement towards organic cultivation is growing across the world. For example, Asia has 6.1 million hectares of... Continue Reading →

Post Brexit: How It Affected Britain

With the 2016 referendum, the UK decided to leave the European Union by ending its 47 years old membership. There are many reasons for this decision such as sovereignty issues and refugee issues. However, it’s been more than 1 year since the UK left the EU. What happened to Britain? In this post, we will... Continue Reading →

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Should The US Interfere?

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has again become a hot topic in International Relations with the latest military movement of Russia near its Border with Ukraine. The tension of the world, especially in the western countries, mounted rapidly over a Russian invasion in Ukraine. According to many experts, the Russia-Ukraine crisis will be a new trend in... Continue Reading →

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