All You Need To Know About Foreign Aid

If you are watching news or scrolling down any news apps you would be familiar with foreign aid.   Foreign aid can be identified as the transferring of capital, goods or services from one country or an international organization to another country. It can be given as a loan, gift or grant. These foreign aid can... Continue Reading →

4 Key Facts About Biden’s Immigrants Policy

Immigration is a process in which individuals become permanent residents  of another country. Immigration can be identified as a major source of population growth and the evolution of a society. USA can be identified as a good example for this. USA is a settler colonial society that consisted of a small number of native Americans ... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of India’s Foreign Policy

India is one of the emerging major powers and the largest democratic country in the world. Over the years, India has gained a special status in the global level due to many reasons such as location, geopolitical importance and the size. Foreign policy is the key tool that many countries use to deal with other... Continue Reading →

A Brief Overview Of The Kashmir Issue

The Kashmir issue is very controversial in the South Asian region as well as in the global level. One of the reasons for the lack of regional integration in South Asia is the Kashmir issue. In this post I’ll discuss all the main points that you should know about the Kashmir issue. What is Kashmir?... Continue Reading →

4 Best Note Taking Apps For Students

In my final year in the University, I had to convert my study routine into an online learning routine. I attended many online lectures, which is a new experience for most Sri Lankan students. At that time, I wanted to manage my study routine into a stress free and more attractive one.  I went through... Continue Reading →

Everything you need to know about Colonial Rule in Africa

What Is Colonialism & Facts About Colonial Rule in Africa The term “Colonialism” always represents the process of domination of one country over another.  When considering colonial history, Asia, Africa and Latin American countries are very special. These regions were under colonial rule for many decades in history. Even today, these regions are under neo-colonialism. ... Continue Reading →

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